I can repair...

Broken usb memory stick

Cracked usb memory stick

   Broken laptop power charger port.

Replacing broken laptop screen for Netbook and Laptop and Macbook

Universal Laptop Charger / Laptop Battery / Replacing laptop keyboard
If you give me a e-mail with your laptop model, I will give you a quotation.
Replacing time : 1day 


► Broken iPhone Screens and replacing parts
iPhone 3G, 3GS
- iPhone3G, 3GS Digitizer screen

iPhone 4G
- iPhone 4G Black front Digitizer screen + LCD display
- iPhone 4G Black back Digitizer screen
- iPhone 4G Black or White front and back screen + Home button + LCD display

iPhone 4S
- iPhone 4S Black front Digitizer screen + LCD display
- iPhone 4S Black back screen
- iPhone 4S White front Digitizer screen + LCD display
- iPhone 4S White back screen

- iPod 2G, 3G touch Digitizer
- iPod 4G touch Digitizer + LCD display

- iPad 1 screen digitizer
- iPad 2 screen digitizer
- iPad 3 screen digitizer

- N8 screen digitizer
- N9 screen digitizer
- X7 screen digitizer
- N97 screen digitizer
- X6 screen digitizer
- N97/N97 mini flex cable for LCD
- E71 / E63 /C3 LCD display

- Desire A8183 touch screen digitizer
- Desire HD touch screen digitizer + LCD display
- Desire HD2 touch screen digitizer + LCD display
- Mozart T8697 touch screen digitizer
- Aria touch screen digitizer
- Legend touch screen digitizer
- Sensation XL touch screen + LCD display
- Sensation XE touch screen + LCD display
- Incredible S touch screen
- One X screen+LCD display

Sony Ericsson
- XPERIA X10 screen digitizer

- Galaxy S1 i9000 screen digitizer+LCD
- Galaxy S2 i9100 screen digitizer+LCD
- Galaxy S3 i9300 screen digitizer+LCD
- Galaxy ACE screen digitizer

- GT-540 screen digitizer

- MB 525 screen digitizer
- MB 526 screen digitizer
- XT-5, XT-502 screen digitizer
- MB 860 screen digitizer

- 9700 screen digitizer


► Fixing Laptop Chargers
       - Broken charger or changing some parts
       - Broken charger wire and plug or jack


► Replacing Laptop Keyboards


► Replacing Watch Battery


► Photocopier and Printer Parts(any brand)


► Cleaning Dusty of Laptop Fans




iPhone5 screen
$65 - $85

Price List of Apple